Scottish Skills Transfer and New Zealand Paper Mills

The broad question this initiative is posing is what part have Scots played in creating and sustaining the infrastructure of print culture activity in NZ over the past 150 years. In the case of New Zealand's paper mills, Scots input has been instrumental in establishing industrial centres of paper making activity on both North and South Islands. Some initial results of our evaluation of past and contemporary paper making history and practice in New Zealand are represented here.

Kinleith Paper Mill, Tokoroa

Research report in PDF format, compiled by researcher Jolene Williams, covering the general history of the Kinleith mill and associated mill town of Tokoroa, both established by Scots born Sir David Henry in the early 1950s. Also available, a pre-press version of a jointly authored piece by David Finkelstein and Sydney Shep, forthcoming in the Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies.

Mataura Paper Mill, Dunedin

Following on from John H. Angus's 1976 study, Papermaking Pioneers: A History of New Zealand Paper Mills Limited and Its Predecessors, this Research report in PDF format , compiled by researcher Jolene Williams, continues the story of this long-standing Otago based mill from 1976 to 2000.

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