This area contains a searchable Access database compiled by VUW researcher Megan Simpson of over 110 Scots print culture specialists active in New Zealand between 1860-1920. These listings have been culled from genealogical records, printed sources and archival records located in NZ and Scotland.

Paper Mill History

Scots made a vital contribution to the development of a New Zealand based papermaking industry throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The project team has undertaken preliminary research into the history of mills based on the North and South Island that were founded by Scots and shaped by Scots paper mill models and experience.

“‘Jack’s as Good as His Master’: Scots and Print Culture in New Zealand, 1860-1900”

A PDF offprint from Book History, vol. 6, 2003, p. 95-108, of an article by David Finkelstein on the role of Scots in developing book trade, newspaper and publishing enterprises in New Zealand during the second half of the nineteenth century. Research for the piece was undertaken with funding from the Bibliographical Society and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. Article reproduced with kind permission of the editors of Book History, Jonathan Rose and Ezra Greenspan.

Related Projects

New Zealand Print History Project

A collaborative project between the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre, the Wai-te-ata Press and the J.C. Beaglehole Room in the Victoria University of Wellington Library has created an online resource on the lives, businesses, and works of printers, publishers, booksellers and other book trade personnel who contributed to the print landscape of Wellington, New Zealand from 1840–2000

Typo digitisation project

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre has made available a fully digitised version of the NZ produced monthly newspaper and literary review Typo (1887-1897), created by Robert Coupland Harding, which carried news relating to the book and print industries, from technical developments and obituaries of printers to literary reviews and trade gossip. The journal issues offer fine examples of typographic art which demonstrate a transnational flow of skills and trade practice into and out of NZ. It can be accessed here.

New Zealand Newspaper Registration Database

The University of Otago hosts a database developed by Ian Morrison that is an index to nineteenth-century sources for the history of printing and publishing in New Zealand. Among sources drawn from are printing trade journals such as: New Zealand Press News and Typographical Circular, (published 1876-1879); Colonial Printers' Register (published 1879-1880); Griffin's Colonial Printers' Register (1880-1881); and General Post Office, Wellington, printed lists of publications registered as newspapers (1883, 1884 and 1899).

Scottish Book Trade Index

The National Library of Scotland hosts the Scottish Book Trade Index, an index of printers, publishers, booksellers, bookbinders, printmakers, stationers and papermakers based in Scotland, from the beginnings of Scottish printing to ca. 1850.

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