Professor Alistair McCleery
Professor Alistair McCleery
Co-Director of SAPPHIRE

Professor Alistair McCleery

Professor Alistair McCleery, co-director of SAPPHIRE, is Professor of Literature and Culture at Napier University where he is also director of the Scottish Centre for the Book. He has published much work on the history of the Scottish book trade as well as on its contemporary prospects. He was jointly responsible for the 2004 Scottish Arts Council report on The Strategic Future of Scottish Publishing and participates in the Cross-Party Working Group on Writing and Publishing of the Scottish Parliament. Past publications include The Book (2001), the first CD on book history, and The War Poets at Craiglockhart, a website devoted to Owen, Sassoon and their meeting at Craiglockhart Hospital. He is co-author with David Finkelstein of An Introduction to Book History (Routledge 2005) and co-editor of The Book History Reader(Routledge second edition 2006). He is the author of some 70 refereed articles and book chapters. His most recent books include In Search of a Hero: Looking for Allen Lane (PCS 2006), an edition of Neil Gunn’s The Poaching at Grianan (Merchiston 2006), and the co-edited SAPPHIRE publication Papermaking on the Water of Leith (Birlinn 2006).

Position: Co-Director of SAPPHIRE
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