Rowers Reunion

2007.96.3. Rowers Reunion held at the Museum of Transport, Bunhouse Road, Glasgow on 9th June 2007. Chaired by Sarah Bromage and Jo Anthony.

0000 Collins Cup donated. Printers Club founded in 1914 long after the trophies. Yet trophies have names of different printing houses.
0110 Trades that joined STARA. Daily and Letterpress printers joined STARA in 1920. Original title of club could have changed. Before rowing clubs were founded there were regatta clubs. Printers club not being a club but being an organisation that organised regattas. Origins of rowing firms.
0314 Recreation facilities of firms. 2 gentleman clubs Clyde and Clydesdale who are 150 years old. St Andrew Rowing Club and another down at Govan.
0436 Article in Herald about Regatta club and patrons.
0537 Printers were in corporation land and the clubs rented it out. Printers declined and would let out section to schools. Schools rowing was very popular. Would spend Physical Education time in rowing. Still rowing and veteran events.
0828 No women rowed. Girls would make regatta teas and organise regatta dances. Male sport. Did have womens division before war. Would have to pay club sub and entry fees for each event. Trades clubs would have to pay for themselves. No sponsorship.
1024 Entered competition and work would pay him while he was away. George Hunter and commonwealth games. Transporting boat. Accident transporting boat and contacted Willie Hunter. Made boat sectional and it worked and the boat floated.
1237 Boat longer than steps so crew had to bunch up to get it down steps. No need to section jollyboats as they were too short.
1341 Description of transporting boat with Police escort. George Hunter would tow trailer with Rolls Royce.
1503 Cannot row beyond the tidal weir. 500 metres ¼ mile. Would start about at clubhouse and finish there too. Boathouse built in 1934. Could row 5 miles down to head of river.
1628 Different crews would organise own schedules. West Boathouse B listed building Clyde and Clydesdale there. East boathouse propped up. Time the weir got stuck.
1800 Different tides and the weir and effect on the boathouse.
1900 Possible development of Glasgow Green. Air raid shelter. Description of topography of Glasgow. Possibility of bringing all the clubs together under one roof
2100 Funding of Museum of Transport.
2153 Sheep being grazed on Glasgow Green. Glasgow Green is owned by citizens of Glasgow, cannot build or gate it.
2250 Book by Elspeth King. Partner saved Doulton Fountain.

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