Rowers Reunion

2007.96.2. Rowers Reunion held at the Museum of Transport, Bunhouse Road, Glasgow on 9th June 2007. Chaired by Sarah Bromage and Jo Anthony.

0000 Description of renovation of boat. Description of turning of boat and this is why the boat was strengthened.
0100 Description of damage to Bute Sharp and how it happened.
0130 Four classes of jollyboat. Bute Sharp first class. Steel struts because of straight sides. Description of different classes of boats.
0246 Club in Stirling and renovations in boat. Felt that bolts in boat were later, that they were a repair.
0348 Wax string in boat. Oars used in boat were fixed in. Description of fixing of oars. Outside of row lock on Bute Sharp is thicker, should be equal. Repair
0536 Boats could be carried by two people. In Jollyboats first half of regatta would be for four coxed. Second half would be two people in the middle and a cox.
0613 Shape of boat meant that oars at front and back were shorter than oars used in the middle of boat. On end pivot point was longer so meant oars would be longer.
0703 Legs were longer than for those who the boat were made from. Description of race where gentlemans shorts were going down. Would wet seat when entered boat but as dried out would rub and become sore. Advised to put meths on rear but because broke skin was very painful.
0900 Hands were like leather because of racing. Description of underside of boat and fragility.
0945 Boat like an egg shell. If you cracked boat would make a patch on inside with copper nails and then a varnish. Would use a bit of an old boat with correct curvature.
1107 Different colour was because of sunshine.
1150 Do not know origins of name of Bute Sharp. It was pre-war boat. Could have bought it from Rothesay Club.
1327 Boat was not used post 1965. Occupied a place in boathouse. Stopped racing jollyboats in the 1950s. Down river clubs stopped from 1946 – 1949 because did not want to amalgamate to SARA. Active scene in Firth of Tay who stayed on their own and withered on the vine.
1524 Does not remember jollyboats when he started rowing. Would have jollyboat fairs. Main trophy in Stirling was Stirling Challenge Cup- said on it for jollyboats.
1654 Would have to sign trophies out. If you won you would get a drink out the cup and you would pay for it and if you lost you would get a drink but would not pay! Number of pints fit in cup! Memorial cup for son who drowned.
1906 Damage to Cups


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