George Cunningham

(Haddington Courier)

2007/74/2 George Cunningham interviewed in his home in Haddington by Sarah Bromage on 8th May 2007

Mr Cunningham began work as a machineman at the Haddington Courier when he was 15 in 1961. He worked there until he retired in 2004. Mr Cunningham remembers dinner dances and annual trips during his time at the Courier.

0000 Hotels used for the Annual dinner dance
0120 Annual trip. Would have meeting to decide where they were going and then would book bus
0200 Went to Seaburn and St Andrews for annual trip
0300 Had not heard of term called wayzgoose
0320Football Team got to semi finals of trade competition the first year the y entered.
0400 Played other firms for the Cup. Chapel helped by donating a ball to the team. Would play other local teams.
0518 Other outings for the staff. Ten pin bowling and pony trekking. People with relatives in firm. John Wood had relatives in the firm.
0648 Family atmosphere. Everyone got on. If you were good to the managers they were good to you. Would stop and chat.


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