John Wood

(Haddington Courier)

2007/62/4 John Wood interviewed in his home in Haddington by Sarah Bromage on 24th April 2007

Mr Wood worked in the Haddington Courier as a compositor then a linotype operator. He subsequently became a proof reader with the Haddington Courier. He remembers going on annual trips with the Courier staff every summer.

0000 Duties of a message boy was to collect copy for the article 'Peeps into the Past' Would be written in long hand and would be collected to be typeset.
0116 This column is still going. Each principal town in East Lothian had its own column.
0213 Local news undertaken by local correspondents like the local school master, someone prominent. Centenary dinner.
0251 Copy was handwritten. Wooden box in corner of room where copy was stacked. Editor's handwriting was very bad.
0330 Proof reading was used to being precise, would proof read all items produced by the press.
0430 Scientific publications.
0443 Was aware of the name wayzgoose. However, it would be called the annual trip and not the wayzgoose.

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