John Wood

(Haddington Courier)

2007/62/3 John Wood interviewed in his home in Haddington by Sarah Bromage on 24th April 2007

Mr Wood worked in the Haddington Courier as a compositor then a linotype operator. He subsequently became a proof reader with the Haddington Courier. He remembers going on annual trips with the Courier staff every summer.

0000 Good firm to work for. Good boss. Good to work with men who had served in the war. Part of the community, Courier was well thought of. Left linotype
0117 Print trade unrecognisable from what it was, printing then led to computing. Computer typesetting came in and boss felt he was uneasy with the changes that had come in. He gave Mr Wood the job as a proof reader.
0250 Computer came in gradually. Staff in the print room increased with computerisation. Were able to take on work that they would never have been able to do with the new technology: science publications.
0420 Small jobs they used to do decreased as people could do this themselves.
0453 Small ticket for wayzgoose. 'Doon the watter' to Dunoon. Only was done once as far as he knew.
0500 Who paid for the trip. His cousin had photos of who went on the trips.
0700 STA never ran any events. Got STA magazine which gave vacancies of what was available in printing trade.
0800 Busy office would work overtime. Had to make sure that you were on top of the news. First four pages had to be down on a Tuesday.
0830 Paid weekly, girl would come round with pay packets.
0900 Annual dance with an accordion.
1000 Would not do anything for Burns night.

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