Rab Farquhar


2007.48.1 Rab Farquhar interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 11/4/2007

Rab Farquhar started work as a guillotine cutter at Smith and Ritchie, Edinburgh in 1954 and transferred to work in the litho department. He later moved to work at T and A Constables and then Morrison and Gibbs in Edinburgh. He was actively involved in union activities and was Father of the Chapel in most firms that he worked in. He remembers the SOGAT Graphics Club in Edinburgh.

0000 Shock when Nelsons closed. After that felt like one a year.
0100 Made redundant and moved to Morrison and Gibb. Went to Swains and made redundant and Pillans and Wilson
0145 Technology creeping in. People were getting made redundant. William Thynnes when the disappeared. Other firms that made people redundant. 3 years to go and computers doing his job.
0257 Many printers in Edinburgh driving taxis now.
0330 Letterpress printing moved to litho, led to squabbles with unions. A lot of infighting between Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Printers (ASLP) and Scottish Graphical Association (SGA). ASLP went with SGA. SOGAT went with NATSOPA and then fell out and went with SGA. NGA went with SGA and became SOGAT. SOGAT amalgamated with NGA. Now it is AMICUS. Amalgamations were a long journey.
0611 Good life with the unions. GRAPHICS Club
0700 Description of history of Graphics Club and the building itself.
0800 The pub was very busy in the GRAPHICS club, SOGAT meetings Scotland wide in the GRAPHICS club
1000 Use of GRAPHICS club for social events and the pub
1100 Ladies from the club took the Old Contemptibles away to France for a week.
1200 Graphics club successful for over ten years but so many redundancies meant there were not many people left to go to the club.
1330 SOGAT conference in Edinburgh, it would be late 60s early 70s. Describes pictures of conference
1500 SOGAT good for conferences. Very social. Mr Farquhar attended many conferences in his time in the union.
1600 Delegate for union at TUC.
1700 SOGAT and NGA. London conferences. Characters at the conferences. Bill Keyes and Brenda Dean. First female Secretary.
1900 GPNU amalgamated unions


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