Rowers Reunion

2007/103/3 Peter Tweedie, Mrs Tweedie, Dick Crosier, Mrs Crosier, Ronnie Goldie and Jim MacRitchie interviewed in Helensburgh by Sarah Bromage on 10th July 2007

0000 Benny Parsonage got married and had reception in the Printers Club. Also his Golden Wedding too.
0100 Dances at the rowing club
0145 Notary to present prizes Eleanor Gordon swimmer presented prizes
0200 Women used to run the kitchen on a regatta days, small kitchen and a lot to cook for. Used to eat pies with hands
0238 Clubs they used to row against.
0330 Location of clubhouse and other rowing clubs.
0400 Not many printers involved in the club when they got involved.
0428 Printers who were in the rowing club
0443 1914 club founded but before then rowing was undertaken on the Clyde
0515 Regatta clubs, would get together and ran a club
0555 River a community place
0600 Betting on the river. Photographs of people lining the banks of the river.
0650 Skulls was a big thing. Man came from Australia to race in London. Many in it for the money.
0734 Trades clubs down at Dumbarton and Newington. Dumbarton a rough bunch threw a brick at the jollyboat,
0800 Dunbarton nearly ran into the printers boat
0900 Repairs to the boat
1000 Race against Glasgow University and they pushed them into the bank
1018 Pushed onto sand bank. Got disqualified
1042 Everyone was white in the rowing apart from Aberdeen
1113 Loch Lomond would never give in. Good team
1215 Gentleman Jack Haring, was he as bad as everyone made out. Pigeon fancier and a dancer. Rough diamond.
1400 Archie Nelson and George Nelson, driver for Chivas. Archie could not speak without swearing. At his wedding did not swear.
1500 Club management will be mentioned in the rules. Club captain. Same as today, all done by AGM. Many people did the same job again. Mr Goldie has been there for 24 years.
1600 Willie Scott was president for a number of years. Was strict on meeting times.
1700 Forth Bridge and people not getting paid.
1730 Dance Hall and people getting chucked out. Women taking half bottles of whiskey.
1800 Peter Shields and other people in the club.
1823 Bobby Shields and story about him thinking he was poisoned as he had disappeared down river. Whytes Chemical Works and told him that he would have problems with his health because of this.
1900 Now fish and vegetation in river. Power station emptied into the river. Gentleman who is now rowing coach in Oxford Brookes, who was world champion rower.
2035 Rowing chants. Cox would just encourage, would not chant.
2119 Trials for going to Empire Games, not enough money to send rowers. It was vetoed. Crew would have to support themselves to go.
2300 People who were involved with the club. John B McAllister Cup- he was a jeweler. He might be in patrons in rule book.
2400 Nobody wanted the cups because you would have to clean them. Other cups that they would row for.
2500 Prizes that nobody wanted
2630 Jumble sale at the club, ladies spent night putting prices onto things. People tore prices off everything. He bought about three baths. Had to take them to bits with the hammer. Willie had a lot of stuff and they would throw it into the Clyde
2800 Connections to the printing trade and how people got involved in the club. People would throw snow balls and rocks at the boats.
2900 Crew with rock through boat and they left the boat. One of rowers got cramp and nearly died.
3000 Got cramp as a rower. Got hit by a brick on the shoulder. Kids still do that, now they shoot you with an airgun
3036 Practice with a buoy turning in the river.
3100 Printers within the trades rowing association. Were not aware of the amalgamation. Committee would be involved in that. Dick Crozier was involved as Boat Captain.
3236 Boat captain there with no heating. No hot water. Fish in Clyde , put it in boat and it froze to death.
3310 Fishing for Trout in the river.
3333 Scars in bottom because of the boat. Putting a snooker table into the clubhouse.
3417 Tie pin for the printers club. Printers colours. Bought tie from the Humane Society.
3533 Would stick mainly with the same crew. Peter Tweedie started off with others and then ended up in the same crew as Mr Crozier. Progressed together by winning races. If you win so many you move up a level.
3700 Colours blue and white. Mrs Tweedie shows oars that Mr Tweedie made.
3730 Bobby Shields would work in ship yards, offered him a job in drawing office. Flew jets in the War.
3921 The boats were from Phelps in London, many of the boats were very old when they got there.
4006 Clinkers called Eurythmics and Eureka. Discussion of how the Bute Sharp came to the club. Were Scottish boat builders who were built in Dunbarton. Some came up from London on grain lorry.
4146 Commonwealth Games boat came from London. Regular event to ship boats up from London.
4246 Transporting the boats in a coal lorry and stopping for fish and chips on the way home.
4300 Would not eat during the races apart from glucose.
4400 Discussing people that were involved in the club.
4440 We got money from the patrons.
4600 Cost of oars, repairing oars and using glass and glue. Copper tips on oars
4737 Colliers of London made oars. £8 an hour. Training now at Cambridge. Cost of boats now. Material that made boats.
4814 Boats at Glasgow rowing club row. Number of boats at the printers.
4900 Rowed at Dullatur. Shallow bed on river. Had a grey out on the river, lost oxygen supply.
5000 Two abreast in Edinburgh. Time trials. Race in the finals. Had to watch bridge at the canal.
5120 Sign for the trophy, not happy at having to sign. Licence Vituallers cup got lost – stopped handing out the cups. Too many events now for a cup. Cups now not as good.
5248 Regatta clubs in Glasgow. Members were list of nobility. Before rowing clubs.
5300 Glasgow clubs transporting boats on railway carriages. Moving the weir. Banks of river slipping. Location of new Transport Museum.
5635 Rent of clubhouse off Glasgow Corporation. Possibly £70 rent. Glasgow University had one half and are still there. Have now bricked up door. A lot of people who lived rough down there knew history of the club.

5900 People stealing shaving foam and perfume out of Woolworths to drink. Gym was a battle ground for fights.
6000 Club up at Shawfield now.
6100 Jollyboat racing 1952 – 1954. Moved to clinker boats and sliding seats. Joined crew called Unity on a non competitive basis.
6100 Rothesay, Dunoon. Jollyboats were more North of Border. Jollyboats popular in Shetland where they row in 6's. Jollyboats more suited to the sea.
6300 Mixed crews, girls rowing.
6400 Loch Lomond the Gentleman amateur changed in one part of the building and the working class in the other
6500 Women crews in the printers. Boats heavy and had to carry the boats in and out for the ladies. Mechanics of the boat. Boat too heavy for the fixtures.
6600 Women only raced within the club, not competitively. Equal rights in the golf club.
6700 Started rowing in 1952 (Tweedie) and 1948 (Crozier). Mr Crozier used to cycle about 20 miles a day. Training was hard.
6800 Eating and had to be careful what you ate. Rowing and being late for dinner that was cooked.
7000 Race on day that Bobby Shields got married at the printers club. Best man was rowing and was late.
7113 Getting married in the off season so would not clash with rowing.
7200 People who were involved in rowing. Argonauts was for ex University people
7300 2008 is 25th anniversary of Glasgow Rowing Club.

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