Rowers Reunion

2007/103/2 Peter Tweedie, Mrs Tweedie, Dick Crosier, Mrs Crosier, Ronnie Goldie and Jim MacRitchie interviewed in Helensburgh by Sarah Bromage on 10th July 2007

0000 Patrons and appeal to the trade.
0100 How individuals got involved in rowing. Mr Crozier was 18 when got involved in rowing.
0200 Good feeling about club. Mr Tweedie started in 1952 accused of being a wimp as played golf. Was cold and hard rowing and many people did not stick it.
0300 Would turn out 5 crews at least. Greenock where the jollyboats were used in rough water.
0400 Names of the crews: Alliance. Put young crews in competitions to give them experience. Not in the championships
0500 Levels of rowing: maidens, juniors and seniors. Boats all Sir Walter Scott names such as Ivanhoe.
0600 Jollyboats, would row two maybe three. Bute Sharp. Waverly crew. One crew called Gremlins.
0700 Young Rowena crew also Scott name. Licence Vituallers Cup which went missing. Alliance Cup, Collins Cup. Apprentice Letterpress Cup.
0900 Rowing at Port Glasgow. Told them which direction to head in, helped them win.
1000 Turned round a seagull by mistake. Turning round the buoy with the jollyboat. Rowing down and back in the jollyboats.
1110 Interesting crews. Starter at Port Glasgow who they thought did not like the printers club. Would start the race while they were backing up.
1210 Jim MacRitchie and Ronnie Goldie enter room.

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