Kenny Gilchrist

2003/5 Kenny Gilchrist interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 12/2/2003

Mr Gilchrist went to work in Miller and Co Ltd in Abbeyhill in 1985. Miller and Company was a firm based outside the Water of Leith who produced industrial rolls for the paper industry until 199

0000 Went to Dalkeith High School. Left 1985 and started work in Miller and Co. Father also worked there. Was looking for someone in the drawing office. Interviewed and started apprenticeship.

015 4 year apprenticeship. 2 years at Esk and 2 at Napier University in production engineering. Day release: not all papermakers.

047 Paid when you went to day release. Drawing, sketching and planning. Duties on a day to day basis. Depts.

065 Boss was chief draughtsman and chief engineer. Overview of plant.

083 Description of jobs. Firm dealt with many different countries. Rolls which are refurbished.

119 Product range. Different types of rolls. Cost of rolls.

134 Rolls used for making gold leaf. Different types of rolls.

169 Dandy rolls, small rolls done at the end of the process.

186 Would deal directly with the mills and organisations.

192 Papermachine had 3 or 4 rolls per machine. Miller and Co would produce between 30 and 40 rolls a year. Different types of rolls.

232 Mock up plans with quote. Description of jobs. Estimating / production department who would liase with the production company.


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