Peter Greig

(Group engineering)

2003/22 Peter Greig interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 24/6/2003

Peter Greig served his apprenticeship at Bertrams of Sciennes. On returning from National Service he decided to change jobs and moved to Inveresk where he worked in Group Engineering. He subsequently moved to Caldwells in Inverkeithing

000 Not a union member. Staff had separate union. Could decide which or whether to be in a union. If not in union would pay money into charity.

027 Coal strike and how it affected the mill. Used open cast coal as cheaper than coal board coal. Managed to keep the mill fully operational through strike. Discussions to obtain coal, supplier charged extra.

068 Had a lot of coal storage so supplied Westfield as well. Union meetings, well organised. Requests from union rep. Arbitration with unions. Rises in wages through the Labour Government. No major disputes.

108 1950s apprentice strike, not in union so had to work. All engineers on strike for a few weeks. Not sure of outcome.

127 John Connor and his experience.

149 Discontinued products when mill closed. Mills were family run concerns. Markets lost. Industry cyclical 7 or 8 year cycle, but gradually shrinking. Robertsons of Mid Calder is still running but not sure how.

184 Times with no orders, 3 day week. Engineers would still work full time. Caused animosity. Employees would sign on for days not employed.

203 Engineers separate, own department. Woodhall engineers 1/2 a mile away from papermachines. Built coating factory. Pillars going into the Water of Leith supported the salle. Organised demolition of Woodhall. Buildings at Woodhall, no space. Mill was still making money, but not enough. Were making coating for plasterboard and when building went down they did too. Not a surprise when it closed.

250 2 - 3 years after it closed mill was demolished. A lot of vandals, wasn't safe. Engineering building still there but is now a bath place. Stealing, security but not enough.

265 Office at Juniper Station. Trains, Kinleith siding for coal. Closed for passengers in the 1940s. Remembers the railway.

278 End.

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