Stewart Baillie

(paper buyer for mills and also worked for Waddies)

2003/12 Stewart Baillie interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh on 10/3/2003

Mr Baillie left school in 1947 and began working as an estimator at McLagan and Cumming. He moved to Waddies in 1955 to begin work as a Senior estimator and later the Buyer for Waddies. He stayed at Waddies until he retired in 1994.

000 Centenary and social activities committee for involving people socially. Bowling, golf, Christmas party for children. Children over 12 went to the theatre.

036 Retired people got a chicken and a hamper at Christmas. Watch for length of service engraved on back.

072 People would stay with company for a long period of time. Summer picnic at the coast, hire a bus. Families could go.

102 300 altogether in firm. Daughter project on printing firm. 273 employees in 1982. Web division. Thynes had 540 employees, not much contact with other firms.

139 Firms very competitive especially between Waterstons and Waddies. Waddies was the Bank of Scotland, not the Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank. Firm always fully employed because they had a wide variety of business. Waddies did a lot of work for Standard Life.

181 Health and Safety; machines guarded. People trained for forklift driving. Safety helmets worn. Danger of reels falling. Accidents only minor cuts.

219 Firstaider in each department. Most people lived locally. When moved to Livingston a problem, ran a bus down for first two years. A lot of people took redundancy as they did not want to travel.

253 Labels now discontinued. Retired in 1994.

272 Marcus Ward the managing director was a big personality, did a lot of work with him. Would pace while talking on the phone. In factory a lot, very generous person. Mr Morrison and then Mr Govan took over, both salesmen. Peter Morrison was there a couple of years after Mr Baillie left.

324 Only mill on the Water of Leith he bought paper from was John Galloway and Sons as they were the only white paper manufacturers. Paper at Galloways ideal for labels but they were in competition with Westfield. Bought wrapping paper from Mossy Mill for factory dispatch paper.

341 Drambuie labels were mainly bronze. Bronzing then varnishing, a lot of bronze work done so people had to drink milk to combat the bronze dust.

355 5 floors at Slateford Road. Paper stored on top and ground floor. Warehouse staff constantly moved paper. Location of departments.

374 Factory had yard with chimney. Had extended and built above litho department. Took over another factory and had to build a road for continuos stationery.

389 30 people in continuous stationery department. Worked either two or three shifts and worked round the clock. That's why he was called into work out of hours. Sometimes went on 12 hour shift. Guillotine shift work.

410 Everyone on bonus in factory. Office staff paid monthly into the bank and the factory paid weekly in cash.

420 Sign in at the office. Factory clocked in and clocked out. Same holidays as the factory. Would take all public holidays together. 6 weeks holiday, would get Christmas and New Year. Towards end stopped work before Christmas and went back after New Year. Benefited from factory being in a union.

448 End.

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