Harry Campbell

(Inveresk Management trainee, worked in many mills)

2002/90, Harry Campbell interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 8/10/2002

Harry Campbell began work for Inveresk on their training scheme in 1961. He became Inveresk's Sales Manager both in London and Scotland. He has worked in paper merchants in Edinburgh and mills in Scotland such as Carrongrove, Woodhall and Kinleith

000 Man went to Galloways, Cowans and Woodhall and they all closed down. Left Inveresk and applied to Dartford, lost out on job. Mill shut down a year later.

036 Eckman Cleave and move into selling foreign board. Commuted to Manchester and then took over as Scottish Sales Manager based in Glasgow. Worked now in greaseproof paper and tissue paper. Opportunity to work abroad.

077 Costs of production varied. Not EEC members so their government could prop them up.

115 Holland had bigger machines. Woodhall coating plant machinery ancient in comparison.

134 Seeking markets out was difficult, meant spending a lot of money when margins were not great. Not many new products on the market and market not producing at great volume. Could replace customers but not mills. We're losing mills as they did not feel agency had enough pull.

170 Mill taken over and he lost £2 million business. Eckman Cleave has lost market. Sales Manager got markets.

190 Sales manager for Scotland with responsibility for 10 salesman. Part of job was to get them together. Would socialise together.

217 Loch mill dance in Town hall. Carrongrove had dance at Golden Lion in Stirling. Grosvenor House in Park Lane; 800 people in the industry went. Westfield event in canteen.

238 Clan News, clan was the symbol of Inveresk. Snippets of what people had done, late 1970s huge marketing department. Had good ideas but were used to a more widely changing product. Each mill had own paper names, putting Clan on it branded it.

267 GP Inveresk computerised Woodhall and relaunched the Pentland Board. Tried to get consistency of product but it was too late. Woodhall worked 24 hors on 7 day shift system. Shut down once a month for routine maintenance or when a break happened.

297 Danger of pipes freezing in winter if machines were on. In paper production needed to run all week, only started making profits on a Thursday. Pressure on sales to get volume of orders.

302 Times when you couldn't get orders. Paper a good barometer of the state of the economy, short time when economy was bad. Machineman worried about market so would know when they would work full time. Worried and stressed when he worked in the industry. Sympathise with Caldwells now.

332 End.

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