Andrew Little

(apprentice engineer)

2002/87 Andrew Little interviewed in his house in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 1/10/2002

Andrew Little worked in Galloways as apprentice engineer from 1940 to 1942. His father had post office in Balerno and he grew up around the mill. After working in Galloways he went to work for the post office.

000 Moved to Balerno in 1936, father took over the post office. Mill annual day out, took members of the community. No holidays, went by train.

027 Mill paid for trip. Most of the village had some connection with the mill.

039 1940 started as an apprentice engineer in the mill. Manager was called Anderson. Was there 18 months and decided to leave.

047 Brother was apprentice joiner who did a lot of work in the mill. Saw a pile of paper going to Africa and decided to go there after the war finished.

061 Lorries of esparto grass and gas cylinders coming up through the village. A lot of traffic coming through the village

069 John Galloway would drive in every day, engineer would have to turn his car round so he could drive out. Would deliver telegrams for father to the mill office.

088 Felts used to be sold by mill to women in the village who would use them as blankets.

102 During war had to take moulds for new parts to Penicuik.

111 Went to mill when he finished school and then joined the post office.

118 Pay 11 shillings a week. Clock in. Number and got pay packet

128 Names of engineers, 12 or so worked in the department. 100 people in Galloways.

143 Majority were local people. Mill housing; housing at Bavelaw Bank. Piano row because foremen had houses.

164 Played tennis, bowling and putting facilities but not part of the mill.

173 Hours worked, no canteen

180 Apprentice engineer jobs. Night school at Tynecastle. Problems making revolving drum. After a year got jobs on his own.

197 Overhead crane in esparto shed. Problems getting that running. Bales lifted.

205 Used a lot of esparto, smell of esparto. Piggery would get esparto shavings.

217 Good place to work, good atmosphere.

224 Evening classes. 2 nights a week 7pm - 9pm. Paid for night class. Not compulsory.

234 Other apprentice engineer went down to London. No rules regarding health and safety. No accidents.

245 Unclear about socialising. Gala day, took part in the crowning of the queen which was held in school playground. Events in gala day. Mill lorries used as floats and Smith and Saunders lorries.

267 Mill lorries and drivers. Goods yard where new schoolyard is. Chlorine gas and esparto grass would come in by rail.

278 Fire in mill, in esparto shed after he left.

285 Moved around during training. People who supervised him. Major maintenance.

296 Machines would stop on a Saturday and start up again on a Sunday evening. Can't remember any holidays or whether you would have to work Christmas Day

305 End

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