David Donald

(Assistant Technical Manager, formerly at Culter Mills)

2002/55, David Donald interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 15/8/2002

David Donald began his working life in the lab at Culter Mills in Aberdeen in 1946. He worked in the mill until 1963 when he moved to John Galloways Mill in Balerno as Assistant Technical Manager. He remained at the mill until it closed in 1971.

000 Pay at Mills. Culter mill paid staff monthly and workers fortnightly by cash. Galloways paid staff monthly by cheque and workers weekly by cash.
staff didn't.
024 Was outsider at Galloways, felt Culter had more of a family atmosphere. Managing Director of Culter went round the mill every day. Bernard Walton would go round the mill every day.
056 Send apprentices to get the key for the Lum. Jokes.
072 Collections for weddings.
077 People got jobs quickly. Some went to a papermill in Mid Calder, others worked in the brewery. Got away from shift work. Towards the end of the mill was not enjoying it and was looking for a job elsewhere. Job at Midlothian County Council.

106 Had experience of water treatment. Effluent in Galloways. There was the surface water from the papermaking machines; had china clay and fine fibre particles. This was dosed with chemicals and the pure water was put back into the river.

124 Other effluent was from washing the esparto and coating mixing. This went to sewer. Volume was regulated as was peak flow. Sedimentation tanks belonged to the corporation.

146 Checked by the corporation every day. Effluent allowed remained unchanged and mill production was going up. Did raise volume, but caused problems. Letters of warning.

166 Were complaints, but was not snowed under. Sometimes originated at printers. Paper would take in moisture if it was stored incorrectly.

194 Knew if printers were at fault. Problems and John Jones the manager would go down and this would alleviate the problem. Would analyse paper and find out problems against the sample and also to find out if it was the same paper.

215 Coating paper with latex. Tried to measure smoothness and gloss.

225 End.

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