Tom Bullimore

(Reid International, Inveresk, Spicer Cowan and Paper Federation)

2002/41, Tom Bullimore interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Sarah Bromage on 7/8/2002

Mr Bullimore worked in marketing and purchasing within the papermaking industry between 1953 and 2000. Worked at Spicer, Reid International, Inveresk and Spicer Cowan and then the Paper Federation.

000 Unions presence was more prominent from the 1960s onwards. Disputes in print industry was not as serious. Newspaper industry disputes and the knock on effect to the print industry
042 Reid International effected by the national strike. Strike breaking. No major disputes in the papermills, sorted out locally.

104 Most papermills had social activities. Most mills not city based, tight local community. Mills sponsored and encouraged events. Social clubs and sports. Everyone knew everyone else and got on.

142 Annual trips. Bigger mills ran football clubs. Mill in Cambridge ran athletics and cricket matches.

162 Jobs of the paper federation. Accident rate quite high. Health and Safety training, would run courses. Tests for forklift truck drivers. Training started in the 1980s. Accidents and dangerous occurrences. The Paper Federation worked with the Health and Safety Executive in accident prevention. Accident with forklift truck which killed a man. Analysing prevention.

225 Paper Federation setting down work practices. Compensation claims. Safety line. Need credible work practices. Continent just as safety conscious. Accident in France: shut mill for weeks and increased safety. Potential accident; people needed to wear safety shoes.

330 People willing to accept Health and Safety decisions.

333 End

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