Tom Ballard


2002/113 Tom Ballard interviewed by David Finkelstein at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh on 22 November 2001

000 Operating costs 1985 / 86. Order places, price given. Have to build in discount for the booktrade. Would send outside because of financial considerations.

033 Set maximum price and see if the factory could produce it, realise they couldn't and send it outside. Change of Government to Labour.

057 Things often got printed elsewhere due to cost. Good publishing department, women editors very good at their job.

086 Changes in production activities. Artist books and other books published.

117 Commercial side sounded death knell to the production side.

132 Ministry had done a visitation to the islands and wanted the book published. Another example of the costs involved in producing domestically and the decision to print elsewhere.

158 Government books were difficult to sell to the booktrade.

164 End.

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