John Brown

(cutter house)

2002/104 John Brown interviewed in his own home by Sarah Bromage in Edinburgh on 15/11/2002

John Brown worked at Inglis Mill, Bonnington, Edinburgh from 1946 to 1989. He worked in all sections of the mill, but was mainly based in the cutting house..

000 Floods in the Water of Leith. Happened often and blocked off certain areas of the mill. Water mains flooded outside the mill. Had to lift up machines to get them out of the water.

039 He set the mill on fire. Lit a cigarette, was allowed to smoke at work but fluff caught fire. Sprinklers started and firemen came.

064 Told foreman a story about fire. No fire training. Two or three other small fires

098 If person did not turn up on next shift would wait on two hours on shift. Would call round for cover or would do another straight shift. From which you would get paid time and a half.

123 Sometimes would work 24 hours. Machine kept on going, but time when machine running would have a sleep. Sometimes would get called out from home. Not enough overflow staff and had no big technology.

153 When mill taken over would try and make more production than the machine was capable of. Changed machine and did increase production but not much of the product was good.

170 Could see that mill was going to close. Half the people were made redundant immediately and kept those with long service on. Had been there 40 years. Was kept on a 1 shift basis and there were 6 people left. No compensation package and did not get many weeks pay in lieu.

206 Last day working, finish at 12. Manager said he would have to change wages as he had paid them till the end of the day. Felt not well treated. Only £3,000 redundancy for 40 years work.

227 Machinery all sold abroad. Cutting machine taken apart in mill while still open. Nice family business until greed gets the better of people

238 End.

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