Thomas Nelson and Sons Index Sheets

1999/96 Nelson Reunion, chaired by Dr David Finkelstein, Heather Holmes and HelenClark at Abden House, 1 Marchhall Crescent, Edinburgh on 28.5.1999.

000 Introduction to the project

031 Family atmosphere at Nelsons. Not a Nelsonian unless you ha served your apprenticeship there. Quite an insular firm.
073 Rivalry between departments, efficient factory. Tea trolley going round factory. Welfare at Nelsons, Nelsons not good payers.

138 Feeling that if you were at Nelsons you were pretty special. Discussion on map making firms in Edinburgh. Bartholomews were part of Nelsons. Nelsons had a good social side; badminton, bowling and annual dances.

218 Families worked in Nelsons, would get members into firm. Most people who worked in Nelsons lived in the Southside. Were close enough to go home for lunch. Description of canteen.

276 Apprenticeship and apprentice tasks.

311 Day release and evening classes at Heriot Watt. People at Nelsons enjoyed the social side of work.

379 Not coming from the Southside you were a bit of an outsider. Took a while to accept people. Not accepting towards Catholics.

426 One apprentice to five men in the litho

437 Bonus apprentices and diluted labour

467 Women and men's work.

484 Relationship between management and chapel. Jimmy Ford was a hard worker. Discussions with management as an FOC.

553 Time sheets and piece work. No bonus scheme at Nelsons. Pay at Nelsons, discussion on difference in pay between firms.

673 The chapel. Chapel meetings.

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