Allan Lynch

Allan Lynch, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Heather Holmes on 20th May 1999.

000 Lord Thompson took over Nelsons and sold the playing field. Sold plant to Morrison and Gibbs. Sold playing fields separately. Thompson was a good businessman.
040 Trade with South Africa and the Gold Coast. Thompson wanted to employ more people in South Africa.
090 Nelson beds and printing machines. Publishing side went down to London in 1968. Printing side went to Morrison and Gibbs. Litho side in existence. Caseroom was finished, letterpress could only carry on with made up plates. Couldn't do new titles.

143 No repeat custom from Nelson customers. Not aware of redundancies, not that aware of conditions in other departments.

164 1959 strike. Met a man in a park and told him he was on strike. Man was a director of Hunter and Foulis. Discussed strike and he said he could get him a job, never did.

216 Whole trade on strike. Out for 5 weeks. Glorious weather.

234 Picket duty. Trade unions are necessary. Employer's role. Working in a pub and market research. Sales practices in pubs.

286 Continued at Clark Constables after Nelsons closed. Then Caledonian Produce Holdings. Boss at Caledonian and firms owned by the company. Did a job for boss who was not friendly to employees. He liked Mr Lynch but had no idea of the running of the firm. Mr Lynch saw him after he left and he told him that he was losing the business.

371 After Caledonian Holdings he went to Lumsden's in Loanhead and finished up with the Scottish Records Office.

399 In conservation department at Register House. There from 1987 until 1996 and worked as a bookbinder. Did some work of conservationist without pay. Handled very rare documents; examples of documents. Liked the people he worked with and his bosses.

491 Operation which upset his back. MRI and physiotherapy at Princess Margaret Rose.

529 End.


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