Allan Lynch

1999/79 Allan Lynch, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Heather Holmes on 20 May 1999.

000 As a miscellaneous binder you came into contact with many departments.
045 Hierarchy between departments
096 Being at Nelsons and not being a Nelsonian

125 Apprentices in the bindery, methods of teaching

161 Chapping books and learning to handle paper

217 Would get one or two apprentices at the time

232 Work of apprentices and work of a miscellaneous binder

285 No variation in production apart from miscellaneous binder

290 Grey board and straw board

311 One of the worst jobs were art books and jointing by hand.

350 Description of hand binding and problems with hand binding.

397 Colouring of books

417 Colours running if cigs not bound tightly enough.

432 Dyes and making up of dyes, most dyes used as vegetable dyes.

470 Description of gilding. Raw materials low during war years. Gild did not stick with some raw materials used in inter war years

580 End.


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