Allan Lynch 

1999/78 Allan Lynch interviewed in his own home by Dr Heather Holmes on 20 May 1999

000 Starting in Nelsons and structure of the bindery
051 Special order binding at Nelsons

071 Employees reading books, bad for binding to open book until completed

104 Number and age of binders in bindery

144 Age when entered Nelsons, transfer to new bindery and job progression. Relationship with bindery manager. Relationship between journeymen

208 Number of people on piecework in the bindery. Productivity rate

318 New machinery: crawly machine that binded.

340 Size of crawly machine and increased production rate.

360 Tea machines and tea trolleys provided. Ian Nelson manager before Ronnie, factory had the day off for his funeral.

386 Ian Nelson came round the factory after he retired. Ronnie Nelson was a miserable man who was mean and made the workers pay for him at dances and on the bus. Ronnie married an Irish woman.

485 Ronnie Nelson never spoke to people when he came round the factory. His great interest was trains. Nelson departments did not like printing books on trains as Ronnie would pester them about production.

489 Status of Nelsons declined after Ian Nelson died. Ronnie did not take an active role in the company

518 H P (Fishy) Morrison managing director in the 1950s.

542 Tea breaks at Nelsons

559 Jimmy Ford, hard worker, was Father of the Chapel

570 Responsibilities of the Father of the Chapel

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