Isabella Smith

1999/63 Isabella Smith, interviewed in her home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 29 April 1999

000 Started at Nelsons in 1923, finished in 1943, recruited by welfare lady

038 Family pleased she was working at Nelsons. Nelson house at Pomethorn. Hours worked at Nelson
080 Holidays at Nelsons. Trade unions.
095 Pay at Nelsons

118 General strike of 1926.

143 Work in the warehouse. No sick pay.

157 Accidents at Nelsons. Willie Allison had fingers chopped off and girl had scalp ripped off.

182 Clocked in at work. Welfare women at Nelsons.

190 Once married had to leave Nelsons.

208 No religious discrimination at Nelsons. Breaks and free cocoa. Enjoyed work.

235 Apprenticeship, no college.

255 Nelsons park. Football and bowling.

272 Dramatic club

282 Canteen

288 Summer trip: discussion on various locations visited.

350 Ian Nelson handsome and polite.

366 Helped workers when there were problems with working short time. Union couldn't help.

408 Working hours and overtime.

430 Met husband at Nelsons.

444 Families at Nelsons. Strikes: those who worked during strikes called 'black legs'. Not paid during strike. Strike in the 1950s. Work in the warehouse.

492 Layout and content of the warehouse. When you got married you had to leave Nelsons. Went to work in railways after a break looking after mother, wanted a change.

525 Husband went back to Nelsons after the war.

529 Work at Nelsons during the war.

548 Women at Nelsons getting married. Presents from department.

592 Husband in bookbinding department, stayed till he retired.

615 People started work at 14.

635 Nelsons building.

655 Location of warehouse.

673 Unions. Enjoyed working at Nelsons.

703 Overalls, bought them yourself.

719 Good training at Nelsons, people started at Nelsons and stayed.

734 People proud to be Nelsonians. The Nelson family had a number of houses.

768 Nelsons hall used for concerts. Drama society.

795 Weren't allowed in to work if late, would shut you out and dock wages.

830 Husband got a gold watch from Nelsons for 40 years service.

863 Gaffers in department.

890 Packaging for parcels. Presentation boxes for series.

915 24 people in department; 12 women and 12 men. Men did heavy work. No time to chat. Males and females worked separately. Good comradeship. Sad when building closed.


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