David Berry

1999/57 David Berry, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Heather Holmes, on 15 April 1999

000 Started in Nelsons in 1943, went to become a lithographer. Told by unions after sat exams that there was not an opening so started in folding department as a labourer.
069 Exams at Edinburgh University. Training at Art College.

118 Was apprentice grocer before Nelsons.

130 First day at Nelsons, description of folding department at Nelsons.

176 Guillotines, accident with man called Willie who had his fingers chopped off.

204 Twenty odd people in the department and three labourers.

218 Good place to work.

239 Jokes in the department and nicknames.

259 Family working at Nelsons. Work as grocer

287 No training

299 Dress code in Nelsons, overalls.

320 Working hours at Nelsons

331 Welfare. Skiving at Nelsons, playing cards.

355 Would work hard

372 Relationship with gaffers.

383 Parkside bowling green and bowling league.

417 Work dances

435 How war affected work at Nelsons

459 Surgical books

477 Women dilutees

486 Community spirit

516 Unions at Nelsons

540 People at Nelsons lived locally

552 Description of Parkside building

585 Relationship with other departments

592 Not many breakdowns

608 Paper came into factory on rolls, big paper store

652 Surprised when Nelsons closed down

719 Nelson hall

735 Nelsons playing fields, fetes

769 Old Nelson house in grounds of Pollock Halls

779 Royal visit, Willie allowed to put hands in pockets

817 Did not get job in lithography department. Went back into grocery trade and then the navy as a wireless operator

838 End

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