John McDonald

1999/54 John McDonald interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 23 March 1999.

000 Discussion about the history of Nelsons from West Bow to the move to Parkside.
059 Parkside built on top of an abbey.
085 Nelsons was a family affair, would not make anyone redundant. About 20 printing machines at Nelsons. Would stand idle form time to time when no work

147 Still paid when machines were idle. Would fiddle timecards

199 Would set up machines and have a break. No problem as long as work was done. Approximate time was given for different jobs. Disagreements with other workers.

269 Plenty of time to do jobs. Nelsons carried people who should have retired.

323 Many assistants helping out who were not really needed.

339 Ronnie Nelson's interest in trains, only spoke to him twice.

380 Ronnie Nelson did not come round the factory much. Asked to teach one of BPC Director's sons, would not help him.

419 Collection if a girl got married, dressed her up and wheeled her down the road in a wheelbarrow. Going on hen night. People who looked after each other, cared and noticed things.

490 People stayed in the firm for a long time. Mr McDonald left Nelsons but came back. Other people left to try other things and then came back.

530 Nelsons was a family affair, everyone knew everyone else. Would help people out.

590 Started straight from school. Had good friends, wife knew people at Nelsons.

693 Tommy Steedman used to run the bus trips at Nelsons.

717 Discussion of work of SAPPHIRE.

740 Identifying of people in photos of the football team.

819 Discussion of nicknames

835 Departments which had members on the football team.

848 Names of wives in photos.

929 People in photograph of flannel dance at McVities the Charlotte Rooms.

969 Discussion of other photographs.

004 Many people at Nelsons still in the bowling club.

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