John McDonald

1999/53 John McDonald interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 23 March 1999.

000 Nelsons logo would always appear on book. Origins of Nelsons at West Bow.
067 Colours of books

123 Attitude towards Catholics in the firm.Football team and Nelsons football pitch. Employees kept on in firm into 80s.

190 Felt that people should have retired at 65. His attitude towards working the presses

277 Nelsons carried too many people. Firm would also stock too many books in the warehouse

316 Would leave books in the warehouse, twenty people looking after the warehouse. Fraser Hopewell Managing Director of BPC felt they had closed Nelsons down too quickly.

350 Closing down of Nelsons. People upset, no sign that it was going to close.

404 Went to Nelsons because uncle was a porter, would not have got job if he was catholic. Nickname was 'Big Mac'

476 Change to bible from Queen Elizabeth the II to I, ran 1000's off and had to be corrected by hand.

523 Jokes in Nelsons, firm home form home. People used to take copies of books they wanted. Still in touch with people from Nelsons.

576 Dougie Downie played for Nelsons and went on to play for the Premier division

600 Upset when Nelsons closed.

652 Workers would support one another. Injuries in Nelsons. Would attend funerals of other workers as a mark of respect.

757 Elderly workers still got full pay.

823 Ian Nelson's funeral.

837 Relationship with gaffers. Archie Lawrie and Colin Munro. Ratio of women to men in the bindery

921 Jokes and banter in Nelsons

968 Playing in football team.

985 No seasonal work. A lot of area at Nelsons used to store stock.

008 Different types of bibles, would work till job finished. Would do rush jobs and favours for people. Relationship with Fraser Hopewell.

096 Confrontations with people from other departments and animosity. But mainly people got on well.

161 Most people started work at Nelsons. Difficult to get in. Most through family connections.


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