Thomas Nelson and Sons Index Sheets

1999/189 Nelson workers' reunion, held at Napier University on 15 December 1999, chaired by Heather Holmes and David Finkelstein

000 Overtime after the end of the 1959 strike; terminology for overtime; nights when overtime undertaken
023 Humour; initiations at start of apprenticeship
037 Initiations in machine folding
063 Doors catching fire
079 Women layers on; joking with women
093 Work history of one worker; move from Waterson to Nelson; getting a job in Watersons; relations between Watersons and Nelsons for apprentices
110 Work of apprentices; printing wedding invitations and fly jobs
123 Disciplining people; trade union discipline; chapel discipline; Nelsons and bad behaviour; strictness of gaffer over time keeping at tea breaks

154 Good times at Nelsons; enjoyment of place of work.


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