James Ferguson

1999/180 James Ferguson interviewed at his home by Dr Heather Holmes on 10/11/1999

001 Trips and outings; annual trip
017 Takeovers during the 1960s; nature; impact on morale
039 Cannot remember meetings with management at time of takeovers
059 No works magazine
085 Changes to work in 1960s
104 Changes in work technology
119 Do not remember map department; map making
139 Map making and technical considerations
150 Social activities when males got married
164 Subscriptions
169 Age of men in litho department on 1960s
177 Movement of people in and out of department
184 Movement of men to W & A K Johnson; criteria
208 Way Johnson men regarded Nelson men; reactions to closure of Nelsons
219 Thomson and attitudes to him
223 Building of Commonwealth Pool; factory demolished to make way for Scottish Widows



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