Jack Breadon

1999/165 Jack Breadon interviewed at his home in Edinburgh on 28th October 1999 by Dr Heather Holmes.

000 Would leave someone in charge of overtime, would work 8 in the morning till 8.30pm. People happy with overtime as it meant more money.
019 Would seldom work Saturdays, this was only regular till 1950s.
039 Occasionally when work was slack would be laid off with no pay.
057 When work slack compositors were sent to other firms.
081 After War paper was scarce and difficult to get new machines.

102 Connections with Browns of Penicuik, Nelsons owned part of mill. Tried to buy a mill abroad, aborted the idea.

134 Got paper from Penicuik and Perth, also Tullis Russell in Fife.

166 Social activities in Nelsons. Nelsons supplied facilities.

184 House at Pomethorn. Annual trips.

199 All departments would take part in social activities.

207 Played badminton, Nelsons in a league.

223 Dramatic club. Discussion of drama club programme, 1935.

244 Same ensemble cast in all plays. Annual performance in March / April.

272 Some clubs seasonal. Football club ran a dance every month.

280 Savings club.

296 Christmas Dances

306 Summer Flannel Dance began after the War.

312 Christmas Dance Numbers

336 Different societies had Annual Dinners, programmes printed at Nelsons

344 Location of Annual Trips, pre trip outing.

365 Three to six months to plan Annual trip, everything organised.

377 Annual trip on a Saturday, arrangements with working hours.

396 Decline in social activities

415 Food in the canteen. Lived locally.

426 Last person in Nelsons. Locked door and put key in letterbox.

439 Six months to clear the factory, responsible for doing that.

449 Machines sold or broken down.

465 To get some machines out smashed the walls. Many people from Nelsons went to Morrison and Gibb. Mr Breadon went to Morrison and Gibb and then on to Heriot Watt and Napier University.


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