James McKechnie

1999/163 James McKechnie interviewed at his home by Dr Heather Holmes on 26 October 1999

000 Scandal; suicide; pregnancy
026 Ronnie Nelson's Christmas cards; printing of Christmas cards
051 Physical character and nature of Ian Nelson; comparison with Ronnie Nelson
068 Christmas time gifts
082 Perks; free boiler suit; colour of women's overalls; dress code
107 Male dress code
109 Women's hair code; wearing of curlers
124 Excitement of visit of American Fleet
136 Social events in Nelsons; dances
145 Annual summer trip; locations; day held; lunch arrangements; attendance; size of attendance; location
196 Golf club; Nelson silver medal; golf competitions; golf outings
224 Notice board; levy for deaths in firm; rate of subscription; collecting arrangements
251 Savings club; collection activities
258 Death levy
263 Long term service; presentation
277 Marriage customs for women; collection arrangements; leaving on marriage
291 Women supervisors; marital status
297 Subscription for wedding present
306 Chapping in women; custom; dressing up women
392 Men getting married; customs
335 Reaction of girls to chapping in
338 Pregnant girls; rules for work; moral standards of Miss Park
344 Old age folk; introduction of pension; determination of pension rate; impact of introduction of pension scheme on workforce; importance of work in Nelsons for older people
369 Introduction of pension; changing attitude of individual workers
389 Accidents; nature; Willie Allison's accident
404 Methods of dealing with injuries; first aiders and welfare room
416 Health and safety; attitudes towards safety of workers
425 Occupational hazards



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