Robert Sinclair

1999/156 Robert Sinclair interviewed at his home by Dr Heather Holmes on 21 October 1999

000 Exams in evening classes; note of attendance went to the company; location of classes
031 Heard gossip about other companies at evening class; hearing about apprenticeships in other companies
055 Size of release class at Heriot-Watt; reactions to teaching
076 Moving into senior positions; character of apprentices
111 General English class; function of English class
120 Checking copies; languages used in printing
135 Setting of Revised Standard Version of the Bible; one book sitting in racks for years; work on proofing press; kicking a football around
182 Cost of monotype and linotype; money tied up in standing type
199 Fly jobs; nature; distribution of type into case
208 Nature of distribution work; amount of redistribution; work in Robert Smail's printworks; offers of typefaces to Robert Smails; redundant compositors went to Smail's museum to work
266 Distribution; redistribution of wooden type; recycling of monotype; riding on trolleys; dangers of riding on trolleys
312 Good time at Nelsons; encouragement; happy environment; meeting people during their working life; association meetings
357 Work in Falkirk; domestic routine
364 Reunion; meeting of youngest apprentice in the caseroom; producing records; emigration to Canada
402 Names of men in composing room
412 Names of women in the office; women laying on in letterpress department
426 Collecting tea; fear of meeting the bookbinder's daughter; banter of women in bindery



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