Bill Reid

1999/153 Bill Reid interviewed at his home by Dr Heather Holmes in 1999 

000 Keeping of examination certificates; few apprentices left Nelsons; loyalty to Nelsons; changes in employment patterns over years; changing jobs
036 Age of retirement; people dying in Nelsons; recollection of retirement
061 Continuity of jobs; undertaking the same job for many years
063 Employment patterns; entry into industry; people dying
083 Ronnie Nelson's character; business structure; home address of Ronnie Nelson; attitude to Ronnie Nelson
101 Ronnie Nelson; management structure; electricians; electrical repairs; slackness in factory
151 Scandals; pregnancies; reputation of women; dancing at weekends; dance culture; factory floor culture
201 Reputation of bindery; hierarchy in firm; craft and trade structure; females absent from departments; role of women
228 Names of men in letterpress department; nicknames; personal habits of men; relations between men
272 Relations with women layers on; jobs and roles
287 Character of women; number of women; ages in letterpress department
298 Community of women in letterpress department; behaviour; relations between men and women; disputes between men and women
323 Skill of laying on; techniques
333 Work organisation of women; personal characters; sexual innuendoes
344 Talking; meeting women workers in a social context; extent of social activities
355 Place of evidence; location; evening activities; location of other workers
385 Nelson facilities in South Side community; nature and extent
398 Paternalistic nature of Nelsons; comparison with other firms
405 Canteen; standard of food; comparison of standards to other firms
412 Size of canteen; extent of use; lunch time arrangements for workers; meal patterns
424 Closure of factory at lunch time; introduction of shift working; hours; comparison of day shift and nightshift work
439 Attitudes to shift work; likes and dislikes; hours and days of work
451 Merit money; rejection of system; attitudes towards merit money
474 Attitudes to union
478 Members of department involved in the union; union and chapel activities
519 Humour and its nature
537 Practical jokes; examples; labourers and numbers; work patterns of labourers; varying range of abilities of apprentices; status of printers; print language; examples of print language; clocking in procedures; loss of work time; payment of wages; method of payment of wages; time of payment; protocol for payment of wages; nicknames; print language
717 Marriage; marriage rites; drink culture
730 Times for drinking during course of week
744 Alcoholism
755 Occupational hazards; safety guards; accidents
788 Factory inspectors; changes in emphasis on health and safety
804 Stories of older times in Nelsons; status of working in printing industry
843 Nelson as inventor of rotary press; rotary presses in letterpress department; comparison of skills to be a rotary printer and a flatbed printer
858 Jobs undertaken on the rotaries; differences in rotary and flatbed printing
874 Printing work for army; nature of printing jobs; emergency nature of work; changes in Nelsons during 1960s; demolition of buildings
912 Allotments; physical description; relations with the bindery
923 Work paths of ex-Nelson apprentices
955 Long periods spent in Nelsons; Mr Leckie works manager and his character



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