John and Alexia Gunn

1999/148 John and Alexia Gunn, interviewed in their home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 12 October 1999

000 Dances at Nelsons before Second World War. House at Pomethorn.

020 Sick pay and care provided by Nelsons.

041 Distinctions between office staff and the factory floor.

046 Football club at Nelsons, which John Gunn ran. Football team in operation before the war

114 Nelsons groundsman. Nelsons workers would go and see football matches together.

141 Nelsons was a family firm. Description of annual trips

153 Annual dance held at Assembly Rooms

161 Writing to Nelson employees. Led to John and Alexia Gunn meeting.

192 Decision on where to go on Annual trips, trips were subsidised. Husbands and wives could go on the trip

231 150 year anniversary function 1948, held in Assembly Rooms

231 Alexia Gunn left firm after marriage

241 Alexia Gunn received presents when she got married. Receipt of gifts such as watch for long service.

255 No presents at Christmas and at work Christmas Day.

283 Holiay pay and type of contracts

307 Role of unions and threats of stoppage. Nelson generally a peaceful workforce.

330 Nelsons considered a good firm to work for. Could get in through relatives, journeymen were regulated. People stayed with the firm for a long time.

344 Worker found dead in Highlands

360 Employment of divorcees. Employment of Catholics. Miss Park recruited the girls.

380 Staff in the South Hall were the elites. Nelsons sent out plays to performers.

383 Artists and editorial staff worked in the South Hall, were thought to be the elite.

395 War memorial of dead in the South Hall

398 Ronnie Nelson and his love of trains and travel to London.

409 Movement of staff from Edinburgh to London in the 1960s

417 London office and its relationship with Edinburgh

418 Fiddling of produce on the Thames

454 Could buy books from Nelsons

477 Library for staff in Nelsons

488 Overseas houses

493 Visits to overseas houses

499 Discussion about the work of SAPPHIRE

502 Nelsons good to work for

518 Difficulties in getting a job in the 1930s. Decline in work at Nelsons

534 High percentage of females in office in 1930s

541 Staggering of employment in slack times

555 Book on roses published at Nelsons; prestigious book

601 Nelsons relaunched the Classics in the 1950s.

609 Parkside Classics

634 Jack and Sons were incorporated into Nelsons and cookery books were produced

651 Price increases and sticky labels

666 Cookery books, Robert Carrier's books

740 Pears Medical Encyclopaedia. Printing of cheap editions; cheap annuals

761 Nelsons wanted to make a profit and put out reprints

Nelsons good to their workers. Looked after Gunn's when they transferred them to London.

811 Division of company in 1960s.

833 Had no connections with Nelsons for a long time. Sees fewer Nelsons employees now

843 Drinking activities after hours

852 Connection between Nelson and Preston Street School.

864 Alexia Gunn's grandfather worked in Nelsons. Other family in Nelsons; family delighted when she went into Nelsons

893 Playing fields used by Preston Street School for annual games.

913 John Gunn received Red Cross parcels during the war.

929 One or two Nelson employees killed during the Second World War.

938 Romances in Nelsons

941 Many of the men who worked in Nelsons died.

947 Nelsons building was pulled down

953 Miss Yule, one of the editors took Sunday service in St Pauls. Miss Park

997 End

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