Thomas Enterkin

1999/145 Thomas Enterkin interviewed in his own home by Dr Heather Holmes on 4 October 1999

000 Would not normally work Saturday morning. Overtime was on Tuesday and Thursday night 5 till 8. Got pies or bridies, which were put on the vats to heat. Hours did change, but can't remember.
030 Nobody won the 1959 strike. When they got back they worked excessive hours to make up the money. Got sixpence on top of wages as a result of the strike.
035 Litho chapel was strong.
040 Bob the father of the chapel was an imposing character. The Father of the Chapel rotated every five years. No main arguments between the workforce and the chapel. Just general moans.
069 Ronnie Nelson would not talk to the workers.
085 Ronnie did not come round the factory very often, not interested.
090 Publishing side went down to London when Nelsons was taken over and then disappeared. Printing continued with outside work. When Nelsons closed down transferred to Edina.
128 Transferred to Morrison and Gibb. Many at Morrison and Gibb not happy, worried about jobs
144 At Edina there was platemaking and assembling. Nelsons people mainly did assembly and Johnston's did plating. Nelsons were more advanced technically.
165 Nelsons brought in new technology, Johnston's a bit resentful but there was a general integration.
190 Morrison and Gibb closed down in '79 / '80 when they were taken over by Clark Constables. They completely closed in 1984.
204 General feeling that the industry was in decline. Nelsons started this decline.
214 Decline caused by influx of cheap books from abroad.
225 Two factories at Nelsons. New factory was bindery and dispatch. Old factories contained offices, easy to get lost.
240 Involved in packing up Nelsons, looked round. Different parts of the factory very separate, would only have contact with the guillotine operators.
255 One person in each shift in the litho plus a boy on the day shift.
258 People did not retire, carried on working into their 80s. Lakey the personnel officer was very old and always around.
270 No ghosts in Nelsons.
285 No pay off for men when got married.
289 Nelsons very sociable, any excuse to go for a drink. Xmas and New Year everyone finished up and went to the pub. More social than work today when everyone out for their own ends.

310 Did not push you at Nelsons, were happy as long as work was going out.

320 End


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