Robert Horne

1999/143 Robert S Horne interviewed by Dr Heather Holmes at his home in Edinburgh on 15 September 1999.

000 People blamed Thomson for the closure of Nelsons, did not feel that Ronnie was important
055 Manager of letterpress with 40 men in department. R and R Clarks had different entrance for office staff and workers.
105 Annual outings. Nelsons hired a train. Trips went on till Nelsons closed.

120 Thirty club went on weekend outings. Group organised by workers, but stopped when Ronnie took over. Firm was neglected.

140 Details of Head of Department duties

171 Chapel at Nelsons

199 Problems with employee, led to problems with chapel.

234 Father of Chapel was usually a machine man who was elected by the men.

246 Chapel meetings well attended

263 Nicknames in the department

294 Working hours and the shift from a 48 hour week to a 40 hour week. Waiting for supplies, when paper late charged mill for every hour machines were kept idle.

321 Nelsons paper came from Penicuik. Browns paper came in rolls. Different rolls for different jobs.

335 Bible paper from Horne's in Glasgow.

345 Good day when got job in Nelsons. Wife had family in Nelsons.

350 Decided on Nelsons because it was next to school. Put name down at school. Got into Nelsons at 15 years old.

382 Family pleased when got into Nelsons. Good place to work.

418 Ian Nelson dying. Died in Aberdeen.

446 Dilutees at Nelsons. Stayed on after the war as work had built up and were needed.

458 New faces when returned to work in 1950s. Work taken in form New Zealand.

481 Backlog of work in 1950s. Not aware ofwork undertaken while away. Same manager when returned, not much change.


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