Joe Wheeler

1999/140 Joe Wheeler interviewed in his own home by Dr Heather Holmes on 25 August 1999

000 Good relations between management and workforce until BPC came in, not as friendly. Was spoken to rudely by BPC personnel
079 Joe Wheeler's department not a member of a union.
095 Strict demarcations as to what different tradesmen would do.

114 Boss would take a note of overtime done. If work needed doing would stay late.

129 No set tea breaks in account exec. Would have tea and coffee at desk.

140 Did not go out and entertain customers, job of reps. Two reps in the printing side who were in charge of ordering.

160 Offices in Middlesex and Edinburgh

171 Attended lectures at the British Federation of Master Printers on production, organisation and customer relations.

189 14 trades in the printing trade. Would help others with advice on how to tackle a job.

219 Holidays, a fortnight. Christmas and New Year holiday.

240 Bowling and football club.

259 Ronnie Nelson poem 'The Layman's Guide to Printers Anatomy'

276 Poem 'The British Railways plan for Liner Trains'. Two sonnets for a Christmas card. Ronnie Nelson was interested in trains.

311 Take over not much of a surprise

320 Nelsons was a beautiful building

329 Reasons for choosing to work at Nelsons, wrote to ask for an interview

341 Disappointed when Nelsons closed down


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