Joe Wheeler

1999/139 Joe Wheeler interviewed in his own home by Dr Heather Holmes on 25 August 1999

000 Date of starting in Nelsons
011 Previous work history; work in McLagan and Cumming
028 Work in Nelsons; length of time spent there; decline
036 Takeover by British Printing Corporation; loss of image; trade did not pick up as a result of the takeover
053 Types of work printed; cartography; character of company; Ronnie Nelson around factory after BPC takeover; extent of printing trades; changes in industry
098 Work as Account Executive; extent of work and duties
110 Directly dealing with customers
118 Steps in work; cast off; typography
146 Work of keyboards and casters; galleys
156 Work of readers
172 Putting text into a forme
181 Flat sheet work; signatures
195 Collation; methods of binding; perfect bound; sewing by thread; sewing of signatures
217 Jackets; printing
220 Location of dispatch in factory
227 Planning work; planning operations
246 Work on account exec side; nature of work; work orders
256 Computerisation of account exec side; huge changes
262 Working out times; schedules for customers
304 Comparison of books
306 Time between receiving a manuscript and printing and binding; working out times; buying paper
332 Dealing with paper supplies; suppliers
334 Types of papers and finishes
346 Role of customer in book production; types of papers used
357 Location of paper suppliers; custom and trade with paper suppliers
378 Stocking of paper; stockroom
384 Storeroom; amount to be stored; some paper stored for a long time
394 Format of paper
404 Size of sheets
411 Paper problems; standard of paper
424 Print and paper problems; checking print quality
433 Allowances for spoils and wastage; scale of paper to be used
450 Working in 16 pages; turning of pages
458 Customer control; viewing of proofs
469 Cost of a large machine
472 Running sheets; advanced copies
481 Customer say on appearance; cloth
498 Amount of say by customer; supply of dust jackets
506 Customer friction with Nelsons
515 Role of print executives; giving of advice
524 Size of department for handling accounts; role of individuals; calendar work
531 Work on calendars; mistakes and handling mistakes; recall of calendars
622 Work on Hepworth's catalogue; worst job handled; nature of job and difficulties
692 Scotsman calendar; stealing of calendars; finding out how calendars went missing
772 Types of work handled by other members of staff in department
789 Dealing with customers; drinking activities 838 Socialising with customers; incidents
875 Work with Munro Press
879 Use of George Hotel, Edinburgh
887 Relations between members of staff; nature; relations between office and factory staff; reasons for that relationship
901 Cartoon from Ronnie Nelson
906 Expression of family concern
910 Health and safety; tidying up fire hazards
931 Rules and regulations for health and safety; ethos of firm in quality
945 Pride in work
948 Size of workforce; size of binderies; health and safety


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