Eric Martin

1999/131 Eric Martin, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 17 August 1999

000 No short time but overtime given
002 Giving of overtime; pattern of work and years when undertaken; work during quiet spells
037 No seasonal work patterns
050 Nelsons printed Christmas annuals, boys and girls books
053 Annual sale of books for Nelson staff
079 No inhouse magazine; Waddies had an anniversary book
132 Passing of news around the factory by word of mouth by people who could move around the works. Dismantling of cameras when Nelsons closed. Had to go back up to the factory to label all the parts of the camera.
169 Reactions to going into Nelsons after the closure of the firm and the dismantling of machinery
189 Last day in Nelsons and finishing up. Payment of redundancy; re-employing men who had been made redundant
238 Mrs Martin taken around the machine room. Her contacts with Nelson management
245 Oliver a director; stay at the Roxburgh Hotel
259 Recollections of workers; Big Buchanan
274 Visits by New York House
281 Location of overseas offices
284 Publishing of books in African languages
292 Pranks; playing with a fire extinguisher which went off
303 Pranks; looking at columns and asking for Nelson's Column
315 Interviewing of other Thomas Nelson employees
336 Difference between litho and letterpress
338 Changing technology in Nelsons; shutting of letterpress; most enjoyed working in Nelsons
352 Summing up of why he liked working in Nelsons; trust and time to undertake the work



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