Eric Martin

1999/130 Eric Martin, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 17 August 1999

000 Age of gaffers in reproduction department; promotion of staff to gaffer status.
034 Under-gaffers; means of supervision when gaffer was absent
082 contact with plate-making. Relations between departments to process jobs
124 Social activities with work colleagues after work hours
156 Social activities in Nelsons - bowling club
167 Nelsons institute and canteen
189 Christmas dance
205 Summer trip; places where workers went on trip
226 Size of Nelson workforce and variations in it over time.
240 Shift work in Nelsons during the 1930s
244 Nelsons row of tenements for the workers
267 Stories told by the older men; stories told by Bert Japp
285 Bert Japp hiding his cigarette to get around no-smoking policy
297 Remuneration for long service
323 Pride of working in Nelsons
329 Attitudes towards in-comers into the firm
345 Hierarchy between departments
351 Hours of work
358 Time of payment of wages and method of payment
389 Pension scheme and its institution
399 Practice of Saturday working
417 Reduction in working hours and the vote for shorter hours
430 Place of entry by the workers in to the factory
459 Timekeeping in the factory
473 Engineers and electricians; size of their labour force
485 Machinery made by the engineers in Nelsons
496 Layout of the factory and the departments
511 Allotments and their use
526 Site of Nelsons factory a monastery; use of well in dry seasons during the 1950s
537 Joiners and engineers; size of their labour force
542 Changeover of power system from AC to DC
559 Death of Ian Nelson and time off to attend his funeral
575 Visits by dignitaries around the firm, including President Kenyata
636 Tam Brown and his system for filing negatives
667 Method of storing negatives; dispersal of the negative collection
731 Storage of negatives; description of storage room
744 Use of job numbers, dockets and time sheets

754 Processing of time sheets

761 Clocking into work in the morning and time allowance for being late
778 Attitude of Nelson management to workers who had committed minor offences; cases of misdemeanour among workers
89 Welfare ladies and attitudes towards them seen through the collection of a subscription
842 Subscriptions for workers leaving; collection arrangements
865 Attitudes to rate of payment
882 Merit money and payment; Nelsons assisting workers with deposits for buying their house
950 Firm assisting workers in time of difficulty



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