Eric Martin

1999/129 Eric Martin, interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Dr Heather Holmes on 17 August 1999

000 Place of residence when working at Nelsons; other family members also employed at Nelsons

029 Applying for work; interview

072 Account of work before working at Hislop and Day
084 Photographing work; difficulties of map making
095 Techniques for making negatives
127 Techniques for dealing with register; working practices under red light
162 Work conditions in red light
172 Smoking and smoking policy
174 Size of reproduction department
193 Camera operators and their work; work of apprentices and also throughout the apprenticeship
206 Developing skills and progression of work during the apprenticeship
224 Process of making glass slide negatives; wearing of special clothing; working with cyanide
287 Wearing of protective gloves and clothing
279 Working with film; ease of working with film
293 Changeover from glass slides to films in Nelsons; use of clichagraph
332 Technological developments in working with film: clichagraph; screens; insurance for screens; numbers of dots.
414 Length of exposure; skill of obtaining the correct exposure
435 Making mistakes with film and allowances for mistakes
446 Work of retouching; techniques of retouching
476 Labour-intensiveness of retouching
493 Numbers of apprentices
512 Work of young apprentices
520 Celebrations at end of the apprenticeship; initiations at start of the apprenticeship
546 Status of apprentices
549 Pranks on new apprentices; general pranks; joking in department
601 Changing nature of work to undertake both camera operation and retouching
614 Chapel and the Father of the Chapel; account of 1959 strike; repro workers not involved in 1959 strike
671 SLADE and the nature of the union; action in repro unit; activities of the Chapel
705 Workers from Nelsons moving to Johnsons and Morrison and Gibb
724 Effect of Lord Thomson of Fleet on Nelsons especially the playing fields
752 Reactions to the closure of Nelsons
763 Role of Ronnie Nelson in decline and closure of Nelsons; Ronnie Nelson and trains
790 Impact of Lord Thomson of Fleet on Nelsons; work of Fraser Hopewell and his relations with foremen; relations with Hopewell
866 Relations with Cairns; Cairns getting a parking ticket
878 Location of reproduction unit at Nelsons old factory
895 Health and safety in Nelsons; visits by factory inspectors; storage of cyanide in Hislops and dangers of that storage
935 Comparison of conditions in Nelsons with those in other firms
943 Relations with the gaffer
948 Terms of address for naming the gaffer



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