G Alistair Dudgeon

1999/115 G Alistair Dudgeon interviewed at his home by Dr Heather Holmes, 2 July 1999

000 Ronnie Nelson walked around factory; clothing; habit
022 Ronnie Nelson continued to come around firm after Thomson took over it; Ronnie Nelson's interest in trains
044 Character of Ronnie Nelson; enthusiasm for trains
059 Printing books on trains; reprinting pictures on trains that were not accurate
090 Ronnie Nelson not seen much around factory
097 Nelsons house at Pollock Halls built by the first Nelson who set up the company
109 Works managers; location of platemaking
126 Doorman at Nelsons; Bible printing; reels of paper; playing on rolls of paper
153 Joking and pranks among apprentices; picking on young apprentices; pranks and their nature
169 No fun in the trade; comparison with work culture in nelsons
180 Enjoyment of work in the printing trade
189 Hierarchy among apprentices; relations between apprentices of different years
204 Network among apprentices; apprentices used as spies- sent on missions
216 Training of apprentices and relations with journeymen; difficulties of working with some journeymen; close guarding of work secrets
246 Animosity between people
251 Treatment of workers who came into Nelsons; flow of labour; continued to learn during your job
277 Work in Waddies; nature of work
289 Reading of books; getting hold of books
296 Do not remember any major mistakes
309 Contacts; names of other men in litho department
324 Lot of women in Nelsons
343 Work history after Nelsons; short-term working at other firms; floating population of printers; many firms closed at the same time as Nelsons; changing nature of employment



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