Gilbert Dunnan

1999/107 Gilbert Dunnan interviewed in his home in Edinburgh by Heather Holmes on the 29th of June 1999

000 Status and standing of Nelsons; reputation of relations with employees; types of books published; rivalry with Collins of Glasgow
047 Size of Nelsons; scope of departments; range of books; location of offices throughout the world
079 Welfare and social facilities for workers; land location of Nelsons houses and factory; Nelsons home at St Trinians; sporting facilities; bowling facilities of other printers
116 Nelson Halls; recreational function; libraries attached to halls
118 T C and E C Jack; Nelson takeover and location of their offices
159 Location of canteen; facilities of other firms
170 Nelson and mapmaking; cessation of mapmaking in Second World War; arrangements between Bartholemew and Nelson during war
183 Book processes in Nelsons; location of artists
200 Entrances into work for office staff
212 Layout of factory; main hall; printing machine in hall; Mr Nelson's work visits and tours
228 Location of litho machines and department; location of readers and company job; type faces
248 Location of photo-engraving department; metals used; types of work
267 Small shop; items for purchase
278 Nurse and her roles
279 paper store; origins of paper; types of printing presses
296 Smaller types of machines; labourers and their work; register marks; book covers; nature and types
322 Paper feeding; printing
329 Delivery of paper to factory; railway facilities
339 Distribution of books; national and local distribution
351 Types of books; Scottish novels printed
366 Starting at Nelsons; start at office; moved into art department
382 Classes at Heriot-Watt; exams; day release to Art College; scholarship; teacher training at Moray House
407 Transfer of print teaching from Heriot-Watt to Napier College
416 Work at Queen Margaret College; setting up of degrees
425 Drawing as an apprentice; reproduction work; changing nature of reproduction
444 Engraving department; types of engraving; processes; still bath methods
446 Line work and production; etching methods
474 Method of etching; process
481 Health and safety regulations, especially around the acid baths
484 Discussion of books; Bibles; maps; different editions of books
504 Prize books
514 Cameras
523 Preparation of glass plates; processes
541 Lanterns; preparation of plates
550 Protective clothing; no accidents
559 Day school at Heriot-Watt; subjects taught; experiments in class
590 Rolling up; deep etching chemicals and methods; work with dragon's blood; application of dragon's blood
650 Difficult jobs; rise of litho over letterpress; differences in processes
670 Nelson did a lot of experimenting
638 Engineers shop; engineers; accidents; safeguarding of accidents after Willie Allison's accident; Willie Allison's work after the accident; calling up at the outbreak of the Second World War
739 Introduction of new machinery; changing processes and technology; changing nature of the industry; decline of printing industry status in Edinburgh; disappearance of firms; decline of paper industry
773 Extent of paper making on the Water of Leith
748 Awareness of changes in printing industry; changed career; award of scholarship; grants for ex-forces; art college course; teaching at Moray House
825 Attitude to his work in printing; scope of courses he developed
836 Apprenticeship at Nelsons; work at start of apprenticeship; composing work and training
853 Printing in foreign languages
863 Trade unions; their strength; different unions
873 Annual summer trip; location; inter-company bowling competitions; meals on summer trip; paid holiday; holidays
903 Holiday periods; wage levels and comparison with other people
921 Wage rates of apprentices; length of apprenticeship
930 Hierarchy within Nelsons


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