Andy Anderson

1999/106 Andy Anderson interviewed in his own home by Dr Heather Holmes on 11 June 1999

000 Relations between managers and workers in social activities
009 Stubbornness of management; attitudes of management during 1959 strike
028 Relations with management
036 Merit money; creation of friction; aggravation of workers inside the chapel and outside
053 Length of chapel meetings; frequency during 1959 strike
060 Secrecy during strike
073 Voluntary nature of role of Father of Chapel; allowances
108 Chapel funds; use; payment for sickness
126 Expectations of taking interest in chapel committee; interest of chapel members in trade union activities
154 Election of Father of Chapel; no customs; age of Father of Chapel
181 No deputations to management
187 1959 strike; general relations with management
206 Easy going place; reaction to managers
216 Miss Parks; role; unmarried women in Nelsons; kinship between Parks and senior women; reputation of Miss Parks
253 Casing in machine; age of women; terms for addressing Ronnie Nelson
268 Arthur Nelson; biographical details; Ronnie coming around factory; reactions to Ronnie Nelson
289 Ronnie Nelson's interest in trains
295 Nelson takeover; Ronnie Nelson's marriage and move to Ireland
311 Character of Ronnie Nelson; career in army
329 Ronnie Nelson and money; dress code
338 Ronnie Nelson in war-service; reaction to Ronnie Nelson
348 Football match; meeting of Scottish cup; did not pay attention to a speech made by Ronnie Nelson
366 Ronnie Nelson's visits around the factory; clothing
375 Bindery managers; names and characters; foundry fire of 1947; result of fire
408 Bindery management; prank which knocked down Ronnie Nelson
438 Nicknames around the factory; examples; swapping binding hammers; Campbell Robertson and dances
471 Nicknames; relation networks between workers
484 Willie Allison's nickname, fingers
489 Machine which employed on; foreman's name
498 Royal visit to Nelson; Willie Allison and shaking his hand with the Queen
509 Preparation for Royal Visit
516 Names for men
522 Becoming a Nelsonian
525 Relations of Nelsonians and non-Nelsonians
899 Changing nature of work
904 Educational books printed; paper; sources for paper; mills in Penicuik and Water of Leith; changing print markets; rebinding books in Edinburgh University
929 Cacti books; high quality printing in Netherlands
950 People and faces which are still seen; contact with Nelson employees


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