Jimmy Cuthbert

1999/104 Jimmy Cuthbert interviewed in his own home in Edinburgh by Heather Holmes on 3 June, 1999.

000 Modernisation of the Classics
011 Standing of Nelsons; standing with Collins; location of Nelson offices throughout world
025 New York factory; work to USA
035 Representative for Australia; work for Australia; appearance of some of the works; books and destinations
068 Nelsons in Africa and work; orders from Australia; Australian representative and drink
090 Work going overseas; differences in book production for America
098 RSV Bible; development; pricing of different editions
113 New York branch
129 Emigration of bookbinders
146 Reputation of Edinburgh printing trade; family history in the trade
157 Decline of companies; takeovers
169 Size of labour force at Nelsons; workers leaving work; transport for workers; home location of workers; other factories on South Side of Edinburgh; printing firms on South Side
208 Presence of a printing community; family relations in printing trade
216 Change in industry
220 Reasons for choosing printing industry; girls singing in Henderson and Bisset; seeking work; starting work; first job
236 Printing trade exam; nature; subjects in exam
257 Politicians and changing nature
264 Old times in Nelsons; chatting; re-acting events from First World War
281 Grandfather's work at Bertrams; age of employment; accident on ice; apprenticeships in 19th century
304 Background and scholarly studies of Heather Holmes; Irish relations
333 Son's work in printing industry
341 Retired men's contact with Nelson's; meeting places


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